Top 5 Destinations to See in Atlanta

  • By John A
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

Atlanta is well known as being a central hub of travel with one of the busiest airports in the southern part of the United States. Atlanta however offers much more than just a place to change flights. Atlanta is situated in northwestern Georgia and has a rich history and many interesting destinations worth visiting. It is the prime example of how a town in the southern United States looks and feels. Below are five destinations you don't want to miss visiting while visiting Atlanta.

Georgia Aquarium
Spending the day at the Georgia Aquarium is a great way to escape the midday heat which often plagues Atlanta. In addition to being fairly new, the Georgia Aquarium is also the largest aquarium in the world.

Piedmont Park
The Piedmont Park has a long history beginning in 1904. It seeks to encourage interaction with nature and features many beautiful ponds and trees. Some of the best views of Atlanta are to be had from Piedmont Park. For those with children there is also an impressive play structure.

Martin Luther King Jr. National History Site
Here you can visit the birthplace of one of the great American historical icons. There are also numerous exhibits show casing his speeches and writings as well as offering additional details about his life.

Atlanta Zoo
The Atlanta Zoo occupies over 40 acres and is the home to over 1000 species of animals. It is easy to spend a day watching all of the animals in their intricately designed lush habitats. This is another great activity for those with children.

World Of Coca-Cola
The World of Coca-Cola is a museum dedicated to world's best selling soft drink. The tour of the museum includes a tasting of 60 different kinds of soda's that Coca-Cola sells around the world. There are also exhibits detailing the history of the company.