British Airways Cargo

British Airways Cargo

  • By John A
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  • 20.06.2016

There are many times when something must be shipped to another destination by air cargo, and British Airways rated in the top 10 of the airlines in the world that provide a cargo service. In fact, they carry more than 740 kilos of cargo, including mail, freight and courier items to more than 200 places in more than 80 countries every year.
British Airways World Cargo is a preferred cargo shipper in part due to it having a huge global network. This means that their flight schedules and flexibility to get your package to where it needs to go. This is done via several cargo shipping options being offered to shippers to get their products to their destinations efficiently, promptly and at the best price available.

Cargo Processing Options and Locations
British Airways cargo service has its center at the London Heathrow airport at Ascentis, their freight processing location. This location is made up of more than 83,000 square meters and both collects and delivers packages and other types of cargo. Plus, British Airways also has cargo handling facilities at the Gatwick and Stansted airports as well and works with British Airways Regional Cargo there. Packages and other cargo are transported to and from these airports via a trucking network so that it can get to the appropriate airport to be delivered many places worldwide.

British Airways also offers a Special Handling Centre located at the London Heathrow airport that deals with cargo such as animals and mail, as well as a Perishable Handling Centre that deals with thousands of tons of produce, fresh fish and seafood, and flowers each year. Each of these handling centers has special skills and knowledge to allow them to properly pack, label and handle these types of cargo and get them safely to their destinations according to any rules and regulations.

British Airways Cargo Services World, Regional Needs
The British Airways World Cargo has a fleet of 32 Boeing 757 jets used to ship products all over the globe. If you need to transport cargo regionally in the UK area, then it is handled by British Airways Regional Cargo service. This service provides cargo shipping to the UK and Ireland such as to Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Leeds, Dublin, Norwich, Belfast, East Midlands, Birmingham and Bristol.
If you need to ship some sort of cargo to one of the locations served by British Airways, then you should contact their customer service office and find out the best methods and the prices for the type of cargo transportation you require.
All in all, British Airways provides cargo shipping services to destinations all over the world and can ship just about anything from a simple small package to getting livestock and food products safely to their intended destination. Contact their headquarters if you are interested in shipping something or are inquiring about a package that has been shipped.