Check in at British Airways

How to Check in at British Airways

  • By John A
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

If you are planning a trip via British Airways, then you had better be up to date on their check in procedures so that you don’t miss your flight. If you have online access to their website, you can check into your flight 24 hours in advance via the website check in procedures. If you flight is leaving from a US location, the check in is available 23 hours before your flight is scheduled to leave the US.

Requirements for Online Check-in
The requirements for using this online check in include that you must have booked your reservations and ticket with British Airways itself, not someplace like a travel agency, plus the passenger can’t be special needs or a child traveling alone. Passengers can even check their bags online when they check in to their flight, but the bags will still need to be dropped off at the self-service check in kiosk at the airport. Your boarding pass can be printed at home or from an airport check in desk or kiosk.

Mobile Check in with British Airways
Another check in option at British Airways is through their mobile application right from your smart phone. You can go to and easily check into your flight and pick your seat. The boarding pass can be printed out when you get to the airport from a check in kiosk or from a check in counter. Or, it can be emailed or faxed to you for printing at home.

Seat Selection Via Check In Online
Passengers that use the online check in can also pick their seats. In fact, if you are a frequent flyer member at British Airways and have Bronze status you can choose your seat a week in advance, and if you have Silver or Gold status you can choose your seat the same day you buy your ticket.

Airport Check in Procedures
Of course you can also check in the old fashioned way of doing it right at the airport, but if you select this method, be sure to allow enough time so that you can get through security and won’t miss your flight. Check with the airlines to know how much time to allow for this as it differs at various locations and times of the day. Plus, some airports may have different check in rules or security rules, so it is a good idea to be prepared by calling ahead.
People who need special help such as handicapped passengers can check in at the airport and get the assistance they need to complete their check in. If you are in this category, it’s a good idea to inform the airport and the airlines prior to you showing up as that will also save you time getting through the check in procedures.

All in all, it is very easy to check in for a flight on British Airways whether you do it online, via a smart phone or in person. Happy Flying!