flight status for British Airways

How to check flight status for British Airways

  • By John A
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

Flying on British Airways is something that thousands of people do every day to hundreds of possible destinations. There are also thousands of people who wait for these passengers at their final destinations. Both travelers and passengers alike need to be able to check the flight status for their British Airway flights.
Here are some hints and information on the available methods of checking on the flight status of a British Airways flight:

Checking the flight status Via British Airways Website
One of the easiest ways to check on the flight status of a British Airways flight is by going straight to their website. Next, go to the information tab and then go to the flight information page. You will need to know where the plane left from, where it is going, and if possible, the flight numbers and the times they left their origination place.
Next, choose arrivals and departures and fill in the appropriate information for your flight such as the airports where the flight left from and is coming to. You must also select the date of travel and then click “go” and you should be shown the status of the flight you have chosen.
Passengers and those waiting for them can both easily get up to the minute information on the status of a flight by using the British Airways flight tracker tool online. Directions for using this handy tool are also on the website. The data available may also include things like real time flight maps, and information on how often the particular flight has historically arrived either on time or late.

Other Ways to Find Out British Airways Flight Status
Besides checking British Airways flight status online, it can also be checked by calling the airlines. Interested parties can call British Airways customer service. If you made your reservations through a third party such as a travel website or travel agency, it may also be possible to get the status of a flight by calling them, but checking directly with British Airways is likely to be faster and more efficient.
If you are already at either the departing destination or the arrival destination of the British Airways flight in question, then you can also check on the status of the flight in person. You can either ask at a British Airways service desk, or look for the TV monitors located in various parts of the airport and find the flight number or the city of the flight in question and it should show you the status of the flight and whether or not it is on time or late.
All in all, it is quite simple to get the status of a British Airways flight in several different ways from in person to online or on the phone. Which method you use is up to you and your current situation. British Airways personnel are ready and willing to help you to find out the status of your flight.