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troop ship in fear of those lurking dark monsters, and looked burned people out who were taken out of the oil-contaminated water.

These concerns are 2010 forgotten. The passengers on the ferry will receive not only the usual instructions on life-jackets and life-rafts, but also be asked» any suspicious activity "to report. This country is constantly in a State of war. But at least the red menace has evaporated. By warlike activity on and under water, hardly anything is to see between countless yachts and boats running the ferry in the port of the old town of new London. In the heat of the day, we rumble through the winding streets of the old city centre and feel suddenly almost like at home. New London was founded in mid-17th century by English first copied into the into the new world their home like all the early settlers. This city has not the right angle of typical American settlements, but an irregular structure as we know it from almost all European cities. We will come through several such cities such as Hartford and Springfield; This part of the United States of New England is not in vain. Their elegant bell towers, which dominated all other buildings at Steinbeck's times, are now surrounded by huge glass rezoned. A little embarrassed, they act like old aunties at a party by younger people.

The route passes northward, the cosy houses and gardens, also my predecessor saw fifty years ago, the same stalls with fruit, pumpkins and potatoes - as thick as one does not know it in Europe - through the same avenues, same South-English-like forests, which here but already a little autumnal.

John found a liquor store on the road, stopped, and coincided with a considerable amount of alcohol: Bourbon, Scotch, gin, Vermouth, vodka, brandy, Apple brandy, a box beer. He knew that through some"dry"counties and States would come, where Puritan laws prohibit the sale and serving of alcohol or limit; also he wanted to invite travelling acquaintances for a drink in his mobile home, to learn something about the mood in the country in the conversation. It was then not much. After the spending spree, he proceeded to Deerfield, Massachusetts to visit his younger son John at the Eaglebrook school, a venerable boarding school for children of rich parents. «About his experiences there he wanted to not say much in the journey with Charley: "you can imagine what Rosinante on two hundred minor inmates of a juvenile had effect, who were just preparing to do their Winterhaft.»
American ideal. Therefore, should John Jr. know the simple life - and was housed in a boarding school, only the richest could afford; his roommate was the son of the Director of Trans World Airlines. Steinbeck's other son, Thomas, hunkered down in his spare time for years quietly in a room and worked on model airplanes; his brother however said that he also liked breathed the solvents in the glue here.

"His relationship with his sons was always a mystery to me," said Nada Barry at our parting conversation. "It was always looking forward, they were never very close. When it mattered, Steinbeck was very closed.»

Steinbeck treated his two sons as they still were very young, like mini-adults - when I read of his letters it is always one. He was grew up in an America where the children, like almost everywhere in the world - more or less as an adult in miniature were perceived. As soon as she could hold a broomstick, they had to help: in the parental load on the farm, in the budget. This