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a timid, submissive black workers, a white racist and a radical black student - a rather unlikely coincidence. By Toby Street, who is driving with Steinbeck later a couple of days, I know that Rosinante made a terrible noise; in the cabin you could converse hardly properly.

I tell you what has written about the journey with Charley John, Jr. » Thom and I are convinced that he never spoke to any of these people. He squatted in his motorhome and written all of this crap. " Nada is laughing. "Oh, Yes, John, what it's... As we read the book, we have also thought: this John, oh, oh, oh. He has exaggerated many things really. He was able to make beautiful bubbles»

«Front teeth and the lower lip a sound, the like» FTT «sounded. Mostly, it meant that he wanted to mark the route on his way.

The headlines of that day were dominated by the General Assembly of the United Nations, which had just begun. The Yugoslav leader Tito have been among the protagonists of the great political Schaustücks, the Egyptian President of Nasser, the Indonesian President Sukarno - impressed with a clever speech about the new role of the third world - Fidel ignored Castro, of the Western statesmen and Nikita Chruschtschow, kept the Americans seem to be so dangerous, that he New York not much more than the Soviet Embassy was allowed to see.

The SAG Harbor Express reported President Eisenhowers, which was transferred with the help of a satellite as a reflector from the East to the West Coast, something a radio address at that time. Later would perhaps even» active «satellite can be transferred even television pictures, but this was the opinion of scientists still in the distant future.» The society section mentioned the roast beef party of Mr. and Mrs. Malloy, the boat trip from Teddy Smith, the three of family deer and the return of the family Duncan from a short vacation. «And according to Philip Morris cigarettes were now purer than ever before: "every piece of tobacco in the new King Philip Morris Commander was gently cleansed and rolled in the air, in a brand new machine - the Mart VIII.»

«Exactly fifty years later, on September 23, 2010, the local newspapers reported the arrest of Sechsunddreißigjährigen possession of marijuana, about the theft of a green Raleigh bicycle, on which a certain Richie Cox (23) in the main street had been sighted, as well as climate change and the rise of in sea levels and the possible consequences for Sag Harbor and environment:» about a billion dollars in real estate values are at stake.»

It's a beautiful, late morning, slightly cloudy, the beginning of a warm day. Somewhat further South, all heat records are broken already for a week, the August heat will take no end. There is still no little autumnal foliage of large, lazy trees is deep green. The crickets have a concert here and there you can hear also a bird, otherwise it remains dead silent at the end of the Bluff Point Lane,
changed since the native Americans between those coves and Islands paddled back and forth. Up close, you can see that there is a single large park, with many old trees and short cropped lawn in between nothing as villas in the colonial style, and sprinkled like powdered sugar. A kind of Grunewald from New York, to paradise, to be true.