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As Charles Van Doren confessed his involvement in the fraud, Elaine and John from Somerset had returned. Also there was a popular quiz; a small radio station asked listeners demanding, for the correct answer, you got a pound. Quiz shows such as twenty-one with their over-inflated profits Steinbeck was already crazy, yet he too was deeply horrified by the case. He knew the Van Doren as a model family, and the cheating with the quizzes in his eyes was the symptom par excellence for the moral cancer that be was ensconced in America's soul: the idea that the end justify the means, and that you should appeal in the name of something like progress also on the worst instincts. Furthermore he could worry terribly.

«Three days after Van Doren confession he wrote to his friend Adlai Stevenson: "somebody needs to fix our system, and fast. We cannot expect to educate our children to good and honest people, if the city, the State, the Government and the economy all the highest reward, harassment and dishonesty. At all levels, it is cheated Adlai. Maybe you can do nothing about it, but I'm stupid, naive and hopeful enough to try it.»

Goodbye Nada Barry served us a glass of wine in her still blossoming garden, while the Sun through the leaves appears. Nada is almost eighty, has a strikingly clear view, a wide face, long gray hair. Showered me with questions: how far I have come with my book, what I think of their old friend John, and Sag Harbor. "In today's Sag Harbor John had not settled definitely," says her daughter. » No «, says Nada,» come here would he not. But remained and old would he become here.»

She knows not much about the Charley project, at the time had been living on the men in their own world, also she was fifteen years younger than her Bob. "John was not entirely straightforward, definitely not. He was very shy, you never knew what he was really thinking. But he was a s
If he were still alive, he'd be in the American Hotel, Nada means, but she's not sure. "Then we went out rarely, we made it our home beautiful, celebrated with friends. Elaine and I were cooking, we were the hosts, that was our role. But we have taken too much with the men together, and that was at the time in Sag Harbor still not usual.»

Really was Steinbeck the outdoorsman, he wanted to be like? I mention what his son told Thomas about the fishing trips, to which John was so proud: the fishing itself have hardly interested in his father. » A fishing line in the water was the perfect cover for him, he could then reading or daydreaming.» Nada laughs. » On his boat not there even holder for the fishing rods. He was just like talking about fishing.» But he not enthused by the simple jobs which required skilled hands? » John and sent? This is a joke! For every little thing he's called Bob, sometimes three times.» Wanted he be always different when he was in reality? "He wanted to be a macho as the others, but it wasn't him. On the contrary, he was very sensitive. "

Come to John's stories speak to the veracity of his trip. Who deals closer to namely sometimes doubting the reality of the above. Again and again the date and location information in the report does not match those in the on the way written letters. And some of the encounters and experiences is the dialogues too good to be true, well formulated, too smooth, too descriptive. In the southern United States, he speaks allegedly successively with three very different Anhaltern: