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The novel does not belongs to Steinbeck's best, even Elaine confessed later that she just didn't like him. But despite obvious weaknesses, her complicated relationship with their intrigues, the story is much better told as often assumed. Basically is there money brings money to the deterioration of ideals: personal as American.

A brief summary: The hero of Ethan Hawley is an honest, educated man, married and father of two adolescent children. The Hawleys belonged to the wealthy merchant layer of the city, until Ethan's late father verspekulierte the family fortune and lost even the grocery store. Ethan is there now working as an employee. His boss, the new owner of Alfio Marullo, has unlimited confidence in him, as also other residents of the town, because despite its economic plight, Ethan is a model of integrity and decency. For money and power he has never engaged in the General hunting. That's what his unhappy family and many of his acquaintances have less and less understanding. One of this friend, a cashier of the first National Bank, proposing even half jokingly him to rob the Bank, and betrays him when and how it best can do that, without being taken. Also, Ethan learns of upcoming business manipulations of local notables and their power struggles, and he discovered that his Italian boss illegally living in the United States.

On a sleepless night, Ethan after mulling over all this and comes to the conclusion that his quest was haughty after righteousness basically and have blinded him to the machinations of others. And he takes to play the game, at least temporarily override moral concerns, to rob the Bank and to recover the lost family assets.
Person, but also and above all of the decay of American ideals. In the dialogues - swarming quite atypical for the rough Steinbeck - by nicknames and compliment. But this experience proves to be more and more frequently as meaningless and hollow, and indeed, it is so, that niceties often do not close, but distance in this country.

A realization hits Ethan especially hard: his son is infected from the moral decay. I love America Ethan all junior has a nationwide essay contest on the subject of» «participated and won. Waving money, honor, and glory, he is invited to TV shows. But then comes out that Ethan's son the attachment text some patriotic writer and politician has pieced together, including Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln. «The most taken aback by Ethan the indifferent response of his son, as he him to speech is:» all do it. So one gets his piece of the pie.»

The scene not only unrecognizable to a certain extent, even when some of the described intrigue, then reality Shimmers through. With Ethan juniors plagiarism Steinbeck produces the first excesses of the new phenomenon television history, specifically the quiz show scandal that put America in late 1959 in excitement.

It all started with the overwhelming success of a new TV quiz show, twenty one. The of the radio quiz, take it or leave it acquired concept was simple: gradually increased the difficulty of the questions, the first right answer brought a dollar, at each other, the profit doubled, and the candidate had to choose between two options after each question: to take the prize or to leave it, so to continue with a new question.