reserve tickets at British Airways

How to reserve tickets at British Airways

  • By John A
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  • 20.06.2016

British Airways is the biggest worldwide airlines in the UK. It flies to more than 550 locations all over the world with its hubs being at London and London Heathrow airports. Thousands of people travel on British Airways when they go on business or vacation and so it’s important to know how to reserve tickets at British Airways.

Here are some valuable tips and data on booking British Airways tickets, as well as information on changing tickets and children’s tickets if they will be travelling alone.

Booking Directions for British Airways
When deciding to book tickets on British Airways, it can be done in several different ways from in person to on the phone or online at their own website or at various travel websites. You can also go through a travel agency and make your travel reservations in person. British Airways accepts several forms of payment for securing a seat on one of their flights, such as credit cards, cash, and PayPal.

Some Restrictions on Making Reservations
One thing to note is that you can’t make flight reservations for children under 12 years old who will be travelling alone or with another person under 16 years old online, as this type of travel must be made in person. In addition, if you are traveling in a group of more than nine persons, this type of reservation also must be made in person and not online.

Otherwise, if you are merely making a reservation for a flight with British Airways in which one to nine people will be travelling, then it is possible to do it online at their website quite easily at

Book early, avoid peak travel periods for lower fares

If you want to save money when you make a reservation to fly on British Airways, you should book your flight early and avoid peak travel time periods like holidays, and also try mid-morning and early afternoon flights for lower ticket costs. Tickets may be issued as either an e-ticket or a paper ticket depending on what is available or is more appropriate for your travel plans. In most cases e-tickets are the preferred method of issuing a ticket, but check with the airlines for your specific situation.

Travel Plan Changes May Mean Fees
If you need to change your travel plans, you can change your tickets directly with British Airways, via a travel agency, oh the phone or in person. However, there possibly may be a fee for any changes made to a ticket. The paperwork with your ticket will tell you of any restrictions or rules for change of tickets. You can find this information also on their website.
All in all, British Airways is a well-known airlines that has been getting passengers to their destinations for many years and is the preferred airlines of many vacationers all over the world.