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comes in his letters to the language the decline, the age and the growing dependency. At the beginning of the journey with Charley, he speaks proudly of his wild, desert life, his physical strength and hard work. He did don't want to abandon all this, only to a few years of his life to win. » My wife has married a man, I saw no reason why she should inherit a toddler. "the next stroke could well be the last, no one knew that better than Steinbeck himself. It was time to put the plan into action, and with his country, this new world to reconcile with himself doesn't have much.

The depiction of Hurricane Donna and the daring rescue of the Fayre Eleyne contains already all essential elements: nature and their powers, the challenge, the unreasonableness, masculinity, the risk of failure, the reputation of women, the triumph, the homecoming. Also, the bravado, the cutting. Rightly thinks Benson, seen against the background of Steinbeck's entire life, whether this company owed ultimately above all his courage. Maybe it was the courage of despair, but but courage.

Exactly fifty years later was not Donna, but an Earl. Sag Harbor got back contingency plans from the drawer, a category 4 hurricane approached. The mood was the same as half a century earlier. Windows and shop Windows were nailed to, boats ashore or pulled with three, a good bit away fastened four or five rods from the shore; Flashlights and emergency provisions laid. For the low-lying neighborhood evacuation plans existed, in the Pierson high school up to eight hundred people could be accommodated in an emergency. Older residents like John Ward and Dave Lee had experienced such situations before and knew that the city could get away too easy: a hurricane is just a few degrees further East on the coast, it blows in Sag Harbor not sharper than during a severe storm. But that can hardly predict the past, and Hurricane Gloria in 1985, in Sag Harbor since Donna, the water has reached the building of the American Legion in the vicinity of the port.

When we finally arrive, Earl is already
Despite the shifts, Bryan takes much time for me the anatomy of Sag Harbor to explain. Because Sag Harbor was not some small town, it is a phenomenon. He had experienced the entire recent history itself: the transformation of the Industriestädtchens in a resort, the rapid development of the old whalers' Festival, which was invented by Steinbeck and his Organizing Committee itself for fifteen years conducted Bryan, and what powers you have unleashed with all this without even knowing it.

The old Sag Harbor was"a typical family city «?»Steinbeck's friends, men such as John Ward and Bob Barry, businessmen from the place were everything. And all related to each other and in-law. Together they have devised this festival, including whalers competition with Whale Dummies, of course all very funny.» It was a huge success and attracted more visitors each year with unforeseen consequences. » A quarter century ago, just a few large yachts came to us. Today's Sag Harbor for luxury ships on the sets an important station.» And because money attracts more money, shot the real estate prices; Today, the population structure is totally different than a few decades ago. «Bryan:» there is something tragic about: Steinbeck and his friends had understood that they had to do something, to Sag Harbor to promote. But they have let a genie out of the bottle.»