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newspaper: "a wide wall of water by about a half meter height went over the dunes at Napeague and completely flooded the Montauk highway.» Overturned trees.

«From a window of his house Steinbeck observed, how comes the storm across the Bay:» he hit like a fist.» The Crown of an oak tree to crash down. The next Bö encounters a large window, Steinbeck squeezes it again and drives o
Boat to struggle, stretches on board, mooring and bow line of two other boats cut and knocking them away so that drive them ashore, the motor starts, what as an exception at the first attempt manages to pull up the anchor with one hand and the Fayre Eleyne away controls one hundred metres from the shore, where he drops the anchor. But the adventure is not yet over, he must somehow again back. Seeing past drive a branch, jumps he spontaneously after, holds it and make it so on the banks.

This is the key: as senseless daring as the hero with nothing but his adrenaline crashing fitted into the water, to save his precious Eleyne so brave he embarks on the trip. The journey with Charley in many places has this connotation of the slightly boastful: look I'm what a rough, drinking guy who in the wilderness camping, in the mud of Rosinantes change tire and goes through day and night to find a vet for Charley. The lightness and irony of books such as the cannery row is rather rare.

In fact, Steinbeck had at the time, as we know, serious health problems. Sometimes it was hard for him to speak clearly, his fingers were often numb and could barely grab small objects. After the stroke in December 1959 he was briefly unconscious, even a small fire caused by his cigarette. Ten days he had then spent in the hospital. 1960 Not much was left of its previous robustness.

The last stroke had put Elaine in fear. She said that it was no longer to answer that he drove out unaccompanied with the Fayre Eleyne on the sea, and wanted to learn control even the boat; preferably it would have not only left him. Two friends told Jackson Benson of the many conflicts of a couple on this subject.

«The doctor has told you not to want out there... I can't take you not only with the boat let...»

» Nonsense.»

» John...»

» Nonsense.»

«One of the friends, Steinbeck said:» it was just missing that I become a kind of disability. She will not control the boat. I bought a truck. I'm driving alone across the country. And I leave them here. I'm a man. I want to be a kid, and she will care for me all the time. If you are not careful with Elaine, she's doing that, you know. "

Here lies the less romantic motive behind the America project: at least once more, Steinbeck wanted to elude the Bemutterung by his wife. It was the last attempt to defeat - a topic that often