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pause, coming passed a new convoy from the North to the South. In the evening light flooded the channel, and continued the experience with countless freighters, tankers, and indefinable floating vehicles.

Motionless, I watched it and dreamed. It is probably from India, where I soon wanted to be. Or at home, where my mother milked cows, my father to the knife attack to cutting off a pig, and hand touched blood, so that it does not light, where my brother electric cables moved and mounted lamps, where my friends on the main highway in Mecklenburg were to watch the latest Western cars, and the girls in October took out their coats to get around any corner, usually not far away from the boy. Was my friend Anne also?

To experience this channel passage for me was the most beautiful in Egypt. More beautiful than the tourist attractions of Alexandria, pyramids, Sphinx, nil. All the national flags of the vessels and the different emblems on the chimneys. Great.

Yussouf knew all Reedereiflaggen, the national flag, the ship types. I had a question, he answered it on German. Yussouf, an Egyptian who had trained before the war in Hamburg as a shipping clerk, had a heart for me. And a hut all to myself - completely undisturbed, just a short walk from the channel. Hamburg obviously liked it. Luck is one of travel. As an Encore, a kitchen and Cook was on the back of the hut.

Fourteen days I thought it out to the Gulf of Suez. Ships watching movies, eating beans, lentils, rice, eggs. (Food was but not the most important important.) Yussouf and his family sit on the balustrade of his house for a glass of water with ice cubes in the mild evening light. Just sit there. Sit relax and watch his children as they played, fought, sang.

The black eyes of the Cook set on me, say goodbye to port Tawfik was difficult for me. Very difficult.

160 Kilometers further north, along the Canal, reached I port said. The city of ships. Here, I booked a ship card (deck place) to Beirut.
A night ride across the sea, and I was in Beirut. In the Lebanon. Now Asia, Europe and Africa. Mountainous, beautiful, clean and practical. The day was not around yet, since I had earned already a handful of Lebanese pound the installation of electrical wiring in a House. I discovered delicious oranges, lemon drinks and the best melons in the world.

It may give the impression than I had experienced so far only the good world. It's true, I've met travel almost always from a pleasant side. I have met very few people who had something against me or deliberately ignored me. Anyway, I didn't have prejudices. How do also? Certainly not from my village of Mecklenburg. Dangers not threatened. Or I didn't see it because I was a naive dreamers.

Syria. I remember in American sedans, Damascus, Aleppo, bazaars. Passport photos make visa get for Iraq and Persia. Police a fluent speaking German Commissioner, who had completed his education in Dortmund, Germany, showed me his Damascus.