Top 5 destinations to see in Glasgow

  • By John A
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

Glasgow is an important European city and an amazing holiday destination. The city is rich in history, and features some of the most stunning architectural constructions in the world. If you want to go there on a holiday, you should have an idea of what to visit. Here are the 5 spots that are worth a visit while in the city.

1. Glasgow Cathedral
This is one of the most beautiful buildings in Scotland. Its rich architecture is reminiscent of the medieval era of Scotland, and is a must see for everyone taking a holiday in Glasgow.

2. Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
The museum is located in a 19th century building, and includes 22 galleries. Each of the galleries has a different theme. Furthermore, the Kelvingrove museum has a free entrance for people of all ages.

3. Glasgow Science Centre
The Science Centre is made of 3 different buildings: the Glasgow Tower, the Science Mall and lastly the IMAX Cinema. The cinema plays the latest available films, while the Science Mall features cool exhibits. The Glasgow Tower gives you the chance to view the entire city from a 127 meter height.

4. Glasgow Botanic Gardens
This is actually a very large park which is full of exotic flowers and plants. The Botanic Gardens offer entertainment for people of any age, including beautiful glasshouses.

5. The Burrell Collection
The Burrell Collection contains gorgeous art coming from every part of the world and any era. You can enjoy watching modern art pieces, as well as art dating back to the medieval times.