Holiday Inn Rapid City - Rushmore Plaza

Five reasons to go to Holiday Inn Rapid City - Rushmore Plaza (South Dakota)

  • By John A
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  • 20.06.2016

Learn the five reasons to go to Holiday Inn Rapid City - Rushmore Plaza.

Explore Rapid City
Maybe you have never visited Rapid City, and in that case take some time to discover it. The city is full of tourist attractions, and offers significant entertainment options like casinos and upscale bars. Remember to check out some of the landmarks in Rapid City, like the Crazy Horse Monument and Badlands National Park.

Dining features
Maybe you are wondering where to eat while in town, and rest assured that Holiday Inn can satisfy your every culinary requirement. The hotel includes a modern lounge as well as a restaurant to have dinner at. The stylish setting and diverse menu are just a couple of reasons why many tourists come back every year. Furthermore, in-room dining is available everyday from 6 am until 9 pm.

Event and conference rooms
You can plan your event easily if you stay at the Holiday Inn. The conference room have different sizes as to suit any type of party or event. Dakota Ballroom is perfect for a wedding or a banquet, while the Board Room meets the criteria for a small to medium business event. No matter what you choose, the hotel offers a personalized menu and even business packages.

The hotel's location
If you are searching for a downtown hotel, Holiday Inn is your best choice. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, close to numerous shopping centers and movie theaters. You will only have to walk a few minutes in order to reach Rapid Fire's main tourists attractions. Additionally, the rooms include large balconies and spa showers.

Fitness options
Keep up with your exercise routine, and try the machines offers by the Holiday Inn. The hotel's fitness room is spacious and features professional equipment for any kind of workout routine.