Top 5 Destinations to See in Philadelphia

  • By John A
  • Destinations
  • 20.06.2016

Philadelphia which is also known as “the city of brotherly love” is cozy town that was originally planned to be very walkable and remains so. Philadelphia was also a staging center for much of the American Revolution and features many historical points of interest. Beyond just historical value Philadelphia is home to many museums and events which are relevant to modern culture. Below are the top five destinations to see while visiting Philadelphia.

The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell has come to symbolize the idea of liberty and freedom. It was first rung after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. It is no longer functional, but it is open to viewings in a building across the street from Independence Hall.

Independence Hall
Independence Hall is the birthplace of the US Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence. This historically rich red brick building is open to tours which detail many of the significant events which took place inside of this building.

Philadelphia Museum of Art
The architecture of the museum is modeled after ancient Greek structures and contains a world renowned collection of art. The stairs at the front of the building are also featured in a famous scene from the movie Rocky.

Edgar Allen Poe's House
The house in which Edgar Allen Poe wrote many of his chilling and haunting stories has been turned into a museum that is open to the public. It is an excellent place for his fans to learn more about the author as well as get acquainted with the surroundings which inspired his writings.

Reading Terminal Market
This market is located in a 19th century train shed. It is home to over one hundred food vendors making it an excellent place to try something different from the standard Philly cheese steak. Foods sold here range from Greek to Indian making it a great place to buy smaller portions for sampling all the exotic foods available in Philadelphia.