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I was truly in the bailout. Should I ride on a truck? That would have been the first lift on my trip to India. Clearly, my need for deprivation was covered. And otherwise I would not come out from the desert. So I gave me a jolt. The city of Tripoli was scorching embers, endless sand and gravel tracks and busted lips rather than once again. What I had done in two weeks on line did itself then high up on an old truck on a day.

Tripoli: Visiting the immigration was a breeze. I was no questions, no answers, now here in the Kingdom of Libya. I paid a Libyan pound for the visa and got the longed-for stamp in my Green Passport.

Once again got away with it!

I had enough of the trackless desert. Daily I brought now to the East on the coastal road along - on the left side of the sea, across the desert with sand, stone, rocks and grass. There was hardly any traffic. A jeep of an oil support company, times a truck with goods sometimes load time. Bengazi, Cyrene, Tobruk I can remember on the towns of Sirte, hardly. Places that I happened without that something happened - except that it too slow went ahead of me.

My Egypt waited. In addition to Italy and India, this was the most important country for me in my village school. My school was over dirt roads to cornfields and wildflowers along, and there repeated and I dreamt me deeper into the topics of instruction. Nile, pyramids, Ramses, Alexandria, Suez Canal...

The province of Cyrenaica in the East of Libya was hot and mountainous, so it took with the progress. It was very good that I again had bothered me in the ancient city of Cyrene, BB and switching to clean and lubricate. Anyway it's not like lubricated ran. The times in which I tagged stormed the mountains of Italy as a sporty racer, were finally over. I worked with the whole body, ever decline and pushed my vehicle. The road was not, which made the driving difficult. The ancient coastal road from Tunis to Cairo was paved. I lacked the strength.

In Cairo, I was promised a pension with breakfast. I reached to an extent, that it was enough for the whole day. Hungry and greedy on white bread and butter on an omelet and cocoa.
hold back. The days of hunger in the dust of the desert were still felt.

Again good forces, I landed a day later in the Egyptian city of port Tawfik. This is the southern entrance to the Suez Canal. Where the steamer in convoys assembled, in order to be guided through the channel. Behind me, dust desert, desert, desert - from Tunis was to channel - only desert. Sometimes a town, but mostly settlements or the simple tents of nomads. And now, on the border with Asia, this Green City suddenly appeared. With greedy eyes through I brought the Green alien, to get it. Lay on the Western side of the Harbour, in the Bay next to it I saw small wooden boats with Lateinersegeln. Opposite direction of Suez Canal, was a promenade with Palm trees and cypress-shaded. The actual channel seemed narrow. What are 100 metres when infinite desert behind. I stretched me out on the embankment of the Canal, in the shade of trees on green grass. I looked at the ships that pass in the convoy. Vessels of all countries. Ships of all caliber. I was fascinated. About six hours they moved in the direction of North, then, after a