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food. I got juice from freshly squeezed fruit. Delicious. In Sfax, in one of this exotic basement shops, I rummaged up a road map, who stabbed me in the eye. A Michelin map of North Africa with everything so should document a road map. Routes and paths through the Sahara desert with oases and wells were drawn. It's great. I was completely captivated. The Sahara desert, that should be it. I continued along the coastal road to Gabès, where I finally decided for the Libyan desert and quickly determined poste Ghat, restante as post office box chose the letters of my family. Pretty blue-eyed, just madness taken. Ghat was almost a thousand kilometers from the coast in the pure Sahara into. This is an example how immensely can motivate a map.

Near the town of Gabès I looked at once an oasis me, where I admired also my first banana trees. Upside down, they give grew on strong stems. There was nothing to harvest, they were still very green and so immature. I did a photo (I could not, unfortunately because I had no camera, and that was a big mistake). From the coastal town of Gabès, I drove South, through a vague sand road (by the way I don't want to talk), and landed two days later in Nalut Libya. On a beautiful carpet under a type of awning in front of a White House, tea was served me immediately. Sweet tea in tiny glasses, resembling Schnapsgläsern. It was really romantic, so how you imagine it in the desert. Surrounded by sand, a camel, and wild-looking people. Unrestrained hunted words over me. Children shot on my bike. It brought me a whole pitcher full of water, which I just put on the mouth. The water in the jug was pleasantly cool quickly drunk. Soon I tipped in reclining position, the first section of sandy had totally drained me.

Nalut was also a police officer. He wanted to see my passport. Above all he was looking for a stamp from the border it. But I was not and showed him how I had come. With the arm, I had many times in the direction of a mountain range. Agree we could not us anyway. I found myself but just a few hours in Arabia, and Tunisia I came along with Italian. » Quanti anni hai? "–" like you're old. This was the standard issue. » Diciotto.» And on it went: where are you from? What are you doing? Where? Family? Professional? And so on.

At the end of the Passport discussion, in which
It never rained? If you look into the sky, the strangest thoughts came to me. What would my mother said when she saw me here? «Probably: "with us, we have beds and running water, the apples ripen, and the cow gives good milk.» And my friends first! I found myself among Arabs, the pure desert surrounded me, and they were perhaps just in the swimming pool. It was the most extraordinary thing in my village in the Prignitz, what you could imagine. The idea», the Arabs are nice, exactly like the one in Tunisia... "I dozed off.

Into the desert, because Allah has created them.

I wanted of Nalut to Ghadames. I remember: everything by bike. Although hard but still not very easy loaded less than to the beginning of the trip. I had exchanged tent, air mattress, and jacket in Tunisia against a sleeping place, fruit and so on. Things appeared to me in the meantime useless, since for accommodation my» host «ensured.

In Nalut, a place in pure sand and desert, you stood head formally, as I announced my next goal is Ghadames. In my youthful insouciance, I believed I could get up all alone with two bottles of water to the hostile spot of Earth. But they let me continue the next day actually. «Probably glad